EPE (UK) Ltd specialises in providing filtration solutions for a large range of industrial, mobile, and process applications.

EPE (UK) Ltd was founded in 1987, and is located centrally in the UK at Flint in North Wales, which enables us to respond quickly to enquiries from any location. The parent company, formally K&H Eppensteiner GmbH & Co. KG, now part of the Bosch Rexroth Group of Companies, was founded in 1926 in Mannheim, Germany.

Today Eppensteiner is located in Ketsch, a small town on the Rhein River, in the highly industrialised area of Baden - Wurttemberg, and close to the beautiful city of Heidelberg.

Along with our experience in a large and varied customer base EPE (UK) Ltd has a filter for most applications from breathers, suction, return line, duplex inline, high pressure with a range of 10bar to 500bar, and flows up to 23,000 litres per minute, to special design process projects with pressures from 0 to 3000bar, and flows up to 71,000 litres per minute.

Also included in the project range are our Hydraulic Accumulators, in Diaphragm, Bladder, and Piston formats, with pressures up to 500bar, and capacities up to 400Ltr.

All our filters are tested on our own filter test stands in Germany, in accordance with ISO fluid power standards.